More Dogz Trials

2018 Trial information, volunteer page links and premiums will appear on this page starting in April.

All of our Masters trials will have a Challenge and Standard along with the 2 games.

Premiums for Masters and the Steeplechase trials are sent to More Dogz members who will completely fill up the trials. Starter/Advanced trial premiums and volunteer signing up links will be posted on this page in the last week of April.

All Masters trials follow the basic format of two standard/challenge runs followed by two of the same game on two alternating fields. For Starters and Advanced, this year we will offer four runs at each trial, 2 standards and 2 games. We combine Starters and Advanced running the Starters and Advanced runs side by side at the same time. We ensure that the games will not start until all the standards are finished.

If you send in a premium, you should get a email about it by the Saturday before the trial - either a confirmation or a waiting list statement. If you haven't heard please send George an email by the Monday before the trial, mistakes do happen. A missing entry noted on the day before the trial or day of the trial will not be honoured. Do not show up at the trial without having received a confirmation and expect to enter.

Last year a few of our Masters trials did not all fill up but this was not known until the weekend before the trial. If you are not a More Dogz member and you are interested in attending our Club Only Masters/Steeplechase trials only being invited on Monday before the Thursday trial, please send Please enable javascript to view an email - the number of people we offer this to will be limited.

For anthing information about the trials, contact: Please enable javascript to view

Filling Out a Premium

If you know you are in the More Dogz trials database then you can skip filling out most of the fields, but you must include the dogs name AND your full name. As well, please include your e-mail address just in case there is a problem.

If any information has changed you must highlight it some way for it to be updated. No owner information is displayed when entering dogs into the trial database resulting in owner information not being verified on trial entry.

More Dogz Trials for 2018

Date Level and Game Premium Volunteering Judges
Thursday May 10 Starters/Advanced Snooker Premium Volunteer Starters Tony Starratt, Advanced Chantelle Charlebois
Thursday May 17 Masters Snooker Club Only Volunteer Shelly Price
Thursday May 24 Starters/Advanced Jumpers Premium Volunteer Starters Wendy Beard, Advanced Rhéal Nadeau
Thursday June 7 Masters Jumpers Club Only Volunteer Wendy Beard
Thursday June 14 Starters/Advanced Gamblers Premium Volunteer Starters Ian Cranstone, Advanced Kathryn Kaser
Thursday June 21 Masters Gamblers Club Only Volunteer John Willis
Thursday June 28 Starters/Advanced Snooker Premium Volunteer Starters George Stretton, Advanced Ian Cranstone
Thursday July 5 Mastesrs Snooker Club Only Volunteer Val Archibald
Thursday July 12 Starters/Advanced Jumpers Coming in early June Volunteer Starters John Willis, Advanced Chantelle Charlebois
Thursday July 19 Masters Jumpers Club Only Volunteer Rhéal Nadeau
Thursday July 26 Steeplechase Club Only Volunteer Kathryn Kaiser
Thursday August 9 Starters/Advanced Gamblers Coming in early June Volunteer Starters Shelly Price, Val Archibald
Thursday August 23 Masters Gamblers Club Only Volunteer Kathryn Kaiser