More Dogz Trials

More Dogz Trials for 2021

The COVID-19 restrictions are unpredictable at this time; we hope all our trials will happen this year. The trial premium and volunteer links will not be published until it is known whether or not the trial will happen. This means that getting into the trials and volunteering will need to be done in a very short time-frame, possibly weekly.

The links to enter your dogs into each trial will be posted on this page and emailed to More Dogz members. Entering the trials is now online.

Date Level and Game Premium Volunteering Judges
Thursday May 13 Starters/Advanced Snooker Canceled Starters Tony Starratt, Advanced Rhéal Nadeau
Thursday May 20 Masters Snooker Canceled Ian Cranstone
Thursday May 27 Starters/Advanced Gamblers Canceled Starters: Rhéal Nadeau, Advanced: Wendy Beard
Thursday June 3 Masters Gamblers Canceled Kathryn Kaiser
Thursday June 10 Starters/Advanced Jumpers Canceled Starters: Wendy Beard, Advanced: John Willis
Thursday June 17 Masters Jumpers Canceled Rhéal Nadeau
Thursday June 24 Starters/Advanced Snooker Moved to August 12 Starters: Kathryn Kaiser, Advanced: Adrian Meunier
Thursday July 1 Masters Snooker Moved to August 19 John Willis
Thursday July 8 Masters Gamblers More Dogz Members Only Volunteer Wendy Beard
Thursday July 15 Starter Gamblers Premium Volunteer Adrian Meunier
Thursday July 22 Advanced Gamblers Premium Volunteer Kathryn Kaiser
Thursday July 29 Starters/Advanced Jumpers Premium Volunteer Starters: Judith Batchelor, Advanced: John Willis
Thursday August 5 Masters Jumpers More Dogz Members Only Volunteer Ian Cranstone
Thursday August 12 Starters/Advanced Snooker Premium Volunteer Starters: Kathryn Kaiser, Advanced: Adrian Meunier
Thursday August 19 Masters Snooker More Dogz Members Only Volunteer John Willis

For information about the trials, contact: Please enable javascript to view

2021 Trial information, volunteer page links and premiums will appear on this page starting in April. More Dogz members pay $13 a run, and non-members pay $15.

Starter/Advanced trial premiums and all volunteer signup sheet links will be posted on this page before the trial. Premium links for Masters and the Steeplechase trials are emailed to More Dogz members, who completely fill them up.

All of our Masters trials will have a Challenge and Standard along with the 2 games. They use the basic format of a challenge, then standard run followed by two of the same game on two alternating fields.

For Starters and Advanced, we will offer four runs, 2 standards followed by 2 games. We combine Starters and Advanced running the Starters and Advanced runs side by side at the same time. We ensure that the games will not start until all the standards are finished so you can run easily in both.

Trial confirmations are sent by email by the Monday before the trial. If you haven't heard by then please send Please enable javascript to view an email, mistakes do happen.

We find a few of our Masters trials do not all fill up but this is not known until the weekend before the trial. If you are not a More Dogz member and you are interested in attending our Club Only Masters/Steeplechase trials only being invited on Monday before the Thursday trial, please send Please enable javascript to view an email - the number of people we offer this to will be limited.

Filling Out a Premium

Premiums are now online using The Signup Place. Your dog joins the trialing group where you enter all your information. You can update the information by clicking on your dogs name in the member home page. You then simply click on the events you want and pay with PayPal or bring our payment to the trial. You can make cheques out to "More Dogz".

If any information has changed, change it on the dogs information page and VERIFY THE NEW INFORMATION ON THE CONFIRMATION emailed to you.

The trial volunteer signup pages, club membership, and premiums are all on The Signup Place, which we love to use.